Friday, September 12, 2014

Color Dupe for Lime Crime Velvetine in Salem Photos, Comparison and Swatches

So I've been wanting the Lime Crime Velvetine in Salem ($20) since they first launched in the beginning of the year. Lime Crime also released at the same time a Black and a Burgundy-red Velvetine which Doe Deere, creator of Lime Crime, called the trio "Gothatines". Get it? Because her originals are called VELVETines... and these are much more gothic-ier? Ok. I already have a Black liquid lipstick from Pretty Zombie Cosmetics and various Burgundies but had NOTHING like this chocolate brown-red! Needless to say, I needed this beauty in my collection. But this post is not talking about the Velvetine. It's that I found a color dupe for it!!

Let me begin by saying the texture of the two are totally different and quality obviously varies which makes this not an exact dupe but only for the color. The point is as follows; $20 seems like a lot for some people and their shipping is ridiculous on their website, Since this is such a unique color and dont know how it'll look on you, all you have to do is hop on over to Walgreens (or wherever they sell Jordana Cosmetics) and get yourself the EasyLiner for lips retractable pencil in Coco Loco! The difference between the Lime Crime and the Jordana one is that the Velvetine is a long lasting, smudge-proof liquid lipstick that has almost no transfer and smells DELICIOUSLY like cake, whereas the EasyLiner one is almost like a very skinny lipstick in the sense that it is not very long lasting and smears very easily. You'll notice in the last pic, when it came time to remove the swatches from my arm the Jordana one came right off whereas the Lime Crime one took a whole lot more effort to remove! 

So basically if you're not too sure the shade will work for you but don't want to ham out $20 plus shipping and risking you hating it, just buy the Jordana liner for $2.19 and if you fall in love with it, invest in a much higher quality product that will last much longer on your lips! Plus the Lime Crime packaging is adorable!

Now for the pics!


  1. This looks like a perfect color dupe! THANK YOU! haha. Does the liner rub off on drinking cups? Does it bleed or leave a line around the outside of your lips? I'm new to lip liners, which I like to fill my lips, and it's such a great color, I'd like to try it out.

    1. hey! ok let me answer in order of question lol. it does rub off, sadly. its not a very good formula and when drinking or kissing it will transfer. not just will transfer but will fade easily. it does not bleed though. if you dont talk, drink, eat, kiss, breathe, it ctually stays pretty put! lol. and will not fade around your lips as long as you dont touch it. hope that answers a few questions!

      as far as lip liners, i totally recommend investing in a few! especially for darker colors. you dont have to get MAC or other expensive ones. NYX makes amazing liners. so does prestige.

      -Hilda <3

  2. So I've been wanting the Lime Crime Velvetine in Salem ($20) since they first launched in the beginning of the year. Lime Crime also released ...